At BelSquare, we breath, think and live real estate!

About Us
In this complex subject, with its particular dynamics, we feel completely at ease. This allows us to commit 300% and to efficiently and transparently provide solutions which exceed the expectations of our clients. Finally, it is you who benefit from this passion which courses through our veins

Real estate is
in our DNA.

A singular pair

BelSquare was created and is co-led by David Vermeesch and Charles Lasserre. Two passionate experts who share the same professional vision and pass it on to all their employees.

A cohesive team

We all have the same motto at the agency: putting the customer relationship at the centre of our concerns, working proactively and looking beyond the project. When we discover a building, we observe it with a different eye and see what others do not necessarily see. Each time we draw an added value enhancement.